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Sounder Sleep System

The Sounder Sleep™ system is related to the Feldenkrais Method® and comprises gentle breathing and movement techniques called DayTamers and NightTamers.  I teach you to practice DayTamers during the day to reduce stress, making your day calmer, so that your night-time sleep is more pleasurable.  If, for whatever reason, you wake during the night, the NightTamers will get you back to sleep almost instantly.

The Sounder Sleep System™ is a holistic, non-pharmaceutical approach to learning to sleep.  It draws its practices from the Feldenkrais® Method, and various meditation practices and the latest neuroscientific research.  It is 100% effective and works by reducing the hyperactivity of the nervous system with small movement exercises that you do during the day so that your night is peaceful and calm. 

The overall effect of completing a full Sounder Sleep System™ course is that you will have learnt to be calm and much better able to deal with stress during the day, as well as getting a good night’s sleep.

The Sounder Sleep System™ can be effective in helping with, not just sleep problems, but also stress and depression.