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Feldenkrais Practitioner Northampton

How can the Feldenkrais Method® Work For me?

The Feldenkrais Method® uses our awareness, imagination, sensation and movement to free us from habitual patterns of moving, thinking and feeling.  We learn to move with less effort.  Our daily lives become easier.  The Method focuses on the relationship between movement and increased mental awareness.  It offers exciting new options for our bodies’ comfort and ease of movement.

How Will The FeldenKrais Method® Help me?

Feldenkrais Method Northants
Feldenkrais Method Northants

How do you teach the Feldenkrais Method®?

I teach the Method with two parallel approaches -

1. Awareness Through Movement® group lessons

I take the group through a series of specially choreographed, repeated movements.

We work either on the floor or in chairs.   We talk through a sequence of specially choreographed movements.

You repeat and explore each new movement.  In this way, you and your fellow group members begin to play with unaccustomed movement relationships.

By engaging your own curiosity, gently and at your own pace, you’ll learn to explore the world of your internal sensation.  You’ll then use this awareness to release patterns of tension and create new movement possibilities.

2. One to One Sessions or ‘Functional Integration lessons’

Fully clothed on a low table and chair, I use my hands to move you through a choreographed movement riddle.  It is very gentle and allows you to let go of old movement habits and rediscover new ones.

How do I Know if The Feldenkrais Method® is For me?

If you suffer from pain, discomfort or stress, resulting from accident, injury or illness, then the Feldenkrais Method® can definitely be for you.

  • Are you a new Mum with a bad back or shoulder problems due to carrying and feeding?
  • Do you suffer with Parkinson’s?
  • Are you recovering from a stroke?
  • Have you been injured in a car accident?
  • Or perhaps you’ve been badly hurt playing sport?
  • Do you need to re-learn how to walk or run?
  • Is your problem physical or psychological or both?

Absolutely everyone can benefit from the Feldenkrais Method®

  • Young people who want to improve their posture, self-image and confidence by learning to move easily and elegantly
  • Babies with developmental issues
  • Older people who want to regain ease of movement.
  • Those experiencing chronic or acute pain
  • Those suffering from conditions of the central nervous system, such as MS or cerebral palsy.

Dancers, actors, singers, golfers, horse riders, athletes, martial artists - anyone who wishes to improve their performance, extend their abilities and recover from performance related injuries and pain.

Suppose my Problems Aren't Physical, But Mental or Psychological

Can The Feldenkrais Method® Still be For me?

The answer is definitely ‘yes’!
Anyone who needs to reduce stress, tension, suffers from depression or issues related to self-esteem can benefit from the Method.

So - Tell me About Some of Your Typical Clients

That’s easy.

I’ve helped all kinds of people … but it’s a long list!

  • Those with Parkinson’s or recovering from strokes - teaching them how to walk again with confidence.
  • A marathon runner, who ran 60 marathons in three years – helping to speed up his recovery time, alleviate his joint pain and helping him to de-stress.
  • A Wall street businessman who had been a victim of Polio.  I helped him towards feet, back and jaw pain-release and enhanced his ease of movement.
  • Numerous people with ankle, knee and hip issues.
  • People who needed post-operative relief and regaining of mobility.
  • A teenager suffering from anxiety and panic attacks.
  • Dancers with neck, jaw, hip and ankle problems.
  • Martial artists with pelvis and lower back issues.
  • Musicians with repetitive strain injuries.
  • A jazz violinist with shoulder and posture problems.
  • Ladies who want a non-surgical face lift (which also has the benefit of freeing up the jaw, and relieving migraines and headaches).
  • Children with posture problems and pronation of the feet.
  • Horse riders with performance issues as well as injuries.
  • Office workers with sitting posture problems, stress, repetitive strain injuries

Isn't The FeldenKrais Method® Just Another Form of Massage or Chiropractic?

No – it’s radically different.  While such practices involve touching, the Feldenkrais Method® is very different.  In massage, the practitioner works directly with muscles; in chiropractic, with bones.

These structural approaches seek to affect change through changes in structure (muscles and spine).  However, the Feldenkrais Method® works with your ability to regulate and coordinate movement.  This means working with the nervous system and the whole person.

How Are Feldenkrais Method® Practitioners Trained?

A Feldenkrais Practitioner trains for four years in the movement sciences, physics, biomechanics, human development, neuroscience, forensic anatomy and psychology.