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Heather Selbie

Dear Osel,

I want to thank you for your recent help with my back.

Since having my son, Jacob, I noticed that I was getting a blinding pain under my shoulder blade. It was a terrible pain and I was afraid to roll over in bed for fear that I would not be able to move again. I dealt with it by telling myself, it was the price to pay for having a baby.

When Jacob turned 4 months, I started taking him to a Sing and Sign class where I had to sit on the hard floor, lean over him and be very animated. Within ten minutes, my back was killing me. It was the final straw as it was now affecting my ability to teach him new things and enjoy spending time with him; so I enlisted your help.

You knew exactly what pain I was referring to and how you could help me using the Feldenkrais method and Pilates. After one session, I could make it 30 minutes without it hurting (during the Sing and Sign class.) After two sessions, I could make it 40 minutes. After three sessions, I could make it 55 minutes. After, four sessions I can make it through the whole session and afterwards without any hint of pain.

I am so pleased that I can now enjoy spending time with my son without fear of my back flaring up and if it did, well, I know exactly what to do now for instant relief. Not only have you helped me but you have helped my friend, Emma, a fellow mum with the exact same problem. I know that Emma greatly appreciates your sessions as she was finding the pain unbearable, too.

I will thoroughly recommend you to all my friends.

Heather Selbie, Director, Mazzle Ltd